Committee Updates

The Vision

  1. Putting hearts on a head-on collision with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  2. Bring God’s beauty to our campus.

Committee Updates

Why a Facilities Master Planning Committee?

05-16-2024  |  

It became known through the Parish Planning Workshop held in September 2023, the desire to re-visit our facility master plan. After approval from the Archdiocese, we formed a Facility Master Planning Committee (FMPC) and began meeting in February of 2024. They will be charged with assessing our entire campus, interviewing and selecting an architect firm to help guide us through this master plan process and approving the final master plan.


May 3

05-02-2024  |  

We now have a great opportunity to focus in on the next steps of where we want to have SHOJ head towards.

The committee has met three times so far.

We are in the RFP process and soon going to be choosing an architect.

Going forward, there will be continuous updates on what’s going on and how to keep the SHOJ community included. These updates will be in the flock note, some bulletin announcements, Mass announcement and we will have a Tab online with a time frame and history of where we are in this endeavor.